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29 January 2009 @ 07:00 pm
LocationRI, United States
Gender you would prefer to be stamped as (if any)I will take Male or female

Are you an optimist, pessimist, or realist? realist
Do you have education in Fine Arts, Music, an Literature? no
How important are things like tact, an good manners to you? tact is important, good manners if they are strangers (I am not shy of letting a burp fly)
Do you consider yourself easy to understand or complex? I understand myself but some people are confused.
How open about yourself an your past are you? very open

Are you good with fixing things mechically (if the toaster breaks, or the car) useless
Are you good at putting things together, following the instructions? pretty decent
Are you good at puzzles? excellent
Are you good at coming up with alternative solutions an substitutions when the "right" tools aren't present? yes i can improvise.

Are there aspects of the childish about you? (Playing with toys\Naive to the world?) Yes, i played with lincoln logs just last week.
Do you find yourself attracted to people who are either difficult to get to know or perhaps more powerful than yourself? gauging by my current relationship...no.
Do you enjoy flight\flying an\or anything that simulates them? sure
How would you describe you clothing style (what do you wear day to day)? umm, casual?
Does how you dress an how you wish you could dress daily match, if NOT what would you rather be wearing? sometimes, i don't know.
Which would you put first: principles, family, loved one, or shipmates\team come first? principles usually.

Do you\have you ever have emotional break downs in public? once.
Have you ever been called "crazy" or "unpredictable? yeah.
Are you prone to mood swings? no
Have you ever been officially deemed a "Genius" - not in sarcastic terms? no
How would you rate your hand=eye coordination? terrible
Do you have an eidetic memory (see it once an remember it forever)? i have little visual memory to speak of, but if i hear it i remember it.
Are you very perceptive of the people around you an their emotions? very much so.
Are you very EMPATHETIC (you literally feel the emotions of others around you> no
Are you capable of very violent acts for the 'right" cause? yes.

Do you feel that your upbringing left you politically or socially sheltered or biased? well i am white and middle class, so i would have to say yes, i am sheltered.
Do you retain your calm in medical emergencies? yes.
What about really gory ones? even the gory ones, my brain slows down, i deal with it later.
Are you a sarcastic person?
yeah, i'm good at that.
Are you intimidated by "brute strength"? no, usually more annoyed.
Are you more inclined to use your fists or your wits to get out of a "troublesome" situation? wits.
Are you more likeing to get into a "situation" due to your fists or your wits? again wits.
Are you "experienced" with the opposite gender? I have had experience, but i'm not any kind of casanova, more awkward.

Do you seek out trouble? no
Do you often put your foot in your mouth? not really
Do you speak your mind regardless of who it may upset or piss off? no
Do you tend to rebel, flip off, or ignore people who tell you what to do? with the exception of the flipping off that does describe my relationship with my parents.
Do you let people know when you care about them or do you hide it? i let them know
Is there a "price" someone could pay for your loyalty? not really.
Does the notion of other people knowing your emotions weird you out? no.
Do you enjoy threatening other people? no
Do guns\weapons hold great appeal to you? not really, although i would like to learn to shoot someday.

Do you have good strategic or tactical mind? I suck at chess if that's what you're asking.
Are you a "planner"? i guess.
Can you be emotionally or physically intimidated out of being loyal? that only encourages me to further loyalty.
Are you a person other people feel they can count on in a bind to do your part an take command if necessary? yes.
How is your eye-hand coordination? ugh, it sucks.

Do you find yourself taking care of other people? if so, are you comfortable doing it or is it uncomfortable? i have and it's comforatble.
When you take a stand politically, can you be swayed with ease? nope.
Do you fight for what you believe in? yes.
How important is Freedom to you? very important.
What is one thing you feel VERY strongly about? freedom, fairness, justie
Do you tend to listen to other peoples opinions\advice or ignore them? i listen
Do you have a forceful presence or no? not reallym no

Are you deeply religious (do you go to services often?)no
Are you deeply spiritual (take your mythos or creed extremely seriously?) no
Do you avoid breaking the rules\commandments of your faith? mine has no rules
Do you consider "bending" the rules to be "breaking" them? nope
Are you a person who's history is largely a mystery to everyone? no
Are you good at un-armed combat? hell no
Do you ever feel that your spiritual upbringing stunted your understanding of greater society? umm no

Are you sensual or carnal? carnal
Do you see sex an love as inseparable or two different entities they can be seperate but work better together.
Has the life of a sex worker, stripper, etc ever held any appeal to you of course, but the clientelle are what scares me off.
Are you good at smooth talking? no
Are you good at hiding your emotions? terrible
Do you read people very well? yes i do
Are you good at getting what you want from people through diplomacy? yes very good.

Have you ever been accused of having a split personality? nope
Does Revenge appeal to you? sometimes, but never enough to do it.
Have you ever pretended, publicly, in a "normal" setting to be someone other than yourself? several times.
Do you ever "use" people? no
Are you materialistic? (Ever lied to make a buck?) probably
A picture if you'd like: (no more than 3 please)
Divine Sagedivine_sage on January 30th, 2009 01:27 am (UTC)
I see sort of a mix of Saffron and River. Saffron because you seem very comfortable with who you are in a devil-may-care sort of way, and River because your answers were kind of flippant and you seem to have her sort of logic (not in a crazy way, though). I think my final vote goes with Saffron.
vanishing star.khadaj on January 30th, 2009 03:04 am (UTC)
You do remind me of a nicer Saffron. Though I also saw Nandi.