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firefly_stamps's Journal

Firefly Stamping Community: Which Firefly\Serenity
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Don't rightly know what a stampin' community is?
The concept is simple. You fill out the survey, an you post it behind a cut.

Other members an shipmates vote an tell you who they reckon they think you are.

When you get a pile o' votes they's tallied an you get a shiny stamp (that's a picture\graphic) to tell the whole world who ya are, dohn-ma?

Specs an what not.

Copy an paste the application from the textbox into a new post on the community. Fill it out all the ways an be true. No tryin' to hornswaggle the folks here, just be yourself...less'n o'course if you're that no good woman Mal "married"...then we expect you'll be cheatin' an schemin' no matter what!

If'n you have a complication with the copy an pastin' from the box for some reason go get the application in This Post an copy it from there.


More on Votin' an Applyin'

* Every member can vote whether they been stamped! or not.

* Explanations on votes ain't required but it is damn sure appreciated!

*As it stands there ain't no rules regardin' specific text cuts or votin' on other applications but - if'n it ever becomes necessary votin' may become a requirement to gettin' your stamp!

* There are two rules about postin' applications.
- you gotta remember to use the unstamped! tag so as other people can find your post an vote.
-you gotta be Stamped! to participate in a Themed application

- In your Themed application you gotta include who you been stamped as in the header line as per instruction.

- Shiny Theme Applications will come into play to keep the community interestin'. Some future themes will be "True Mate" "Alter Ego" "Whedon Cross-Over" etc. So stay involved an keep active.

Gettin' yer Stamps

* You get one week to give all members a chance to vote

* You need at least 6 votes for one character to be stamped

* If there ain't enough votes or there ain't a decisive vote you'll get a different survey to help the community make a decision.

* If you disagree with our assessment of you you may reapply for a stamp after 1 week - you will get an alternative survey to fill out, it's possible we was mistaken!

*You may request a restamp a third time a month after your last re-stamp request.

* After a year you may resubmit the original application, I reckon most people change in a year

Them's Who Been Stamped!

* If'n you can't locate your stamp or you wanna a preview you can find what's been already made HERE

* If'n you got a hankerin' to make some stamps (or stamp icons)take a gander at this POST for more information\details on what's allowed\expected.

*host your dang stamps on your own server.

This is for your own good, if we change the stamps or the stamp creator pulls them from his\her server you'll be SOL. Dohn-Ma?

Want to get some Promotin' going on? Become an Affiliate, help me an I'll help you. If you want to affiliate just drop a note on ANY Moddess post!