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25 November 2008 @ 11:19 pm
Stamp me, por favor!  
Name Bridget (don’t go judging based on names, now)
Age 23
Location Northeastern Ohio
Gender you would prefer to be stamped as (if any) I think I’m a pretty feminine individual, but if you think that I am most like a male character then you should stamp me as them.

Are you an optimist, pessimist, or realist? I’m usually realistic, though I do sway towards pessimism now and then.
Do you have education in Fine Arts, Music, an Literature? Yes, I do! Mostly ballet because I used to be a competitive dancer and my instructor thought it was good to teach us everything about it. That was when I really started to like the art of Edgar Degas, too. I have this obsession with ballet. I’m an odd one like that.
How important are things like tact, an good manners to you? I’m usually very polite, but I don’t beat around the bush when I don’t like someone or something.
Do you consider yourself easy to understand or complex? I can make myself plain if the situation requires it, but usually, when I’m myself, people can’t understand me very well at all. It doesn’t phase me too much.
How open about yourself an your past are you? Once I get to know a person a little bit I can be very open, but not open to practical strangers.

Are you good with fixing things mechanically (if the toaster breaks, or the car) I’m good with gadgets! I sort of have a knack for knowing about such things. Every now and then stuff stumps me. It took me a while to figure out all of the different functions of my cell phone.
Are you good at putting things together, following the instructions? This might sound kind of weird. I’m good with putting things together, figuring them out and all, but the instructions usually puzzle me more than they help me out with the process. I do better on my own.
Are you good at puzzles? Yes! Except for the Rubik’s cube. I have no idea why. I solved it once and now I can’t remember how.
Are you good at coming up with alternative solutions an substitutions when the "right" tools aren't present? I think so. I don’t have any scenarios that come to mind.

Are there aspects of the childish about you? (Playing with toys\Naive to the world?) I have a kind of naivete about me which I guess could be considered childish.
Do you find yourself attracted to people who are either difficult to get to know or perhaps more powerful than yourself? I am. I like challenges and complexity is attractive.
Do you enjoy flight\flying an\or anything that simulates them? Flying makes me a tad nervous. So no.
How would you describe you clothing style (what do you wear day to day)? Usually I’m very feminine when it comes to my style and clothing. I love flat shoes as opposed to high heels. I like skirts and dresses more than I like to wear pants. I do have this one pair of jeans that I love to death.
Does how you dress an how you wish you could dress daily match, if NOT what would you rather be wearing? For the most part, I dress however I like to dress. I’m lucky to have a job where I can come in wearing a skirt and not stand out as a walking fashion faux pas.
Which would you put first: principles, family, loved one, or shipmates\team come first? I would put my family first, though my shipmates would come in a close second place.

Do you\have you ever have emotional break downs in public? I’m mentally unstable. I once had an altercation with someone at school. I was sobbing and shrieking. Lucky for me it was during lunch time and hardly anyone noticed. I think that I could have found the strength to keep it inside if there had been a crowd around.
Have you ever been called "crazy" or "unpredictable? All of the time. I prefer ‘unstable’ over ‘crazy’, though.
Are you prone to mood swings? I am. Especially when the situation involves people that I love.
Have you ever been officially deemed a "Genius" - not in sarcastic terms? Not officially. I did very well academically, taking honors courses in high school and all that. I’m no Stephen Hawking, of course.
How would you rate your hand-eye coordination? Pretty good. Being coordinated is a staple quality when you’re a dancer.
Do you have an eidetic memory (see it once an remember it forever)? No. I’ve got an okay memory, but nothing exceptional.
Are you very perceptive of the people around you an their emotions? I’m an intuitive person.
Are you very EMPATHETIC (you literally feel the emotions of others around you> I’m usually hyper-aware of those around me and their emotions. I think that I can be empathetic.
Are you capable of very violent acts for the 'right" cause? That depends on what the cause is. I’m never too keen on what society deems ‘the right cause’. I will fight tooth and nail if it’s something I believe in.

Do you feel that your upbringing left you politically or socially sheltered or biased? Socially sheltered, maybe. I am socially inept. Mostly, my parents focused on academics and so that was what I focused on. I’m very book smart and not very street-smart, so to speak.
Do you retain your calm in medical emergencies? I’m very used to that. My family in general is very fragile and prone to illness. Keeping your cool is very important during such situations.
What about really gory ones? I’ve never experienced anything too gory.
Are you a sarcastic person?
I can be, but usually only when I’m around family. They’re the ones who don’t mind it.
Are you intimidated by "brute strength"? No. I’m kind of stupid like that.
Are you more inclined to use your fists or your wits to get out of a "troublesome" situation? That’s rough. There are many different kinds of troublesome situations.
Are you more likeing to get into a "situation" due to your fists or your wits? Haha. Yeah, I imagine my wits might get me into trouble.
Are you "experienced" with the opposite gender? Not so much. Probably less than the average person.

Do you seek out trouble? Nope.
Do you often put your foot in your mouth? Yikes. Yes, I do.
Do you speak your mind regardless of who it may upset or piss off? Sometimes if I’m feeling gutsy.
Do you tend to rebel, flip off, or ignore people who tell you what to do? I’m pretty good with authority unless said authority is my dad. I have a bad tendency of rebelling against him for nothing.
Do you let people know when you care about them or do you hide it? When it’s my family I always let them know, but not so much with friends. Aside from my best friend. She knows I love her. Other people? Not so much.
Is there a "price" someone could pay for your loyalty? You can’t buy my loyalty. I’m not that kind of person.
Does the notion of other people knowing your emotions weird you out? No. I have a therapist. Then again, there are things (mostly feminine issues) that I would never tell him.
Do you enjoy threatening other people? Not really.
Do guns\weapons hold great appeal to you? Knives are cool, but weapons don’t really fascinate me.

Do you have good strategic or tactical mind? I think so. I’m good at thinking things out.
Are you a "planner"? Eh, I suppose I’m more inclined to act on impulse so I rarely give thought to planning things.
Can you be emotionally or physically intimidated out of being loyal? I don’t think so, but I’ve never been in a situation like that.
Are you a person other people feel they can count on in a bind to do your part an take command if necessary? Yes, definitely.
How is your eye-hand coordination? Pretty good.

Do you find yourself taking care of other people? if so, are you comfortable doing it or is it uncomfortable? I play nurse a lot. My mother and godmother are afflicted with a vast rainbow of illnesses and disorders so I’m always taking care of someone. It comes naturally to me.
When you take a stand politically, can you be swayed with ease? No way. Not at all.
Do you fight for what you believe in? Always.
How important is Freedom to you? Freedom is very important to me. It should be important to everyone.
What is one thing you feel VERY strongly about? One thing I constantly fight for is the treatment and rights of the mentally ill.
Do you tend to listen to other peoples opinions\advice or ignore them? I will think about others’ opinions, but not let them rule my decisions completely.
Do you have a forceful presence or no? Probably not. I’m a little thing.

Are you deeply religious (do you go to services often?) I don’t go to church now. I used to go every sunday or saturday according to my schedule. I am deeply religious, but my faith in the church has been shaken.
Are you deeply spiritual (take your mythos or creed extremely seriously?) I’m very spiritual, but not as much as some, I guess.
Do you avoid breaking the rules\commandments of your faith? I try to avoid breaking the commandments, but it’s mostly for moral reasons and not spiritual ones.
Do you consider "bending" the rules to be "breaking" them? It really depends on the situation.
Are you a person who's history is largely a mystery to everyone? Eh, I guess I might be.
Are you good at un-armed combat?Not so much.
Do you ever feel that your spiritual upbringing stunted your understanding of greater society? My understanding of greater society has been stunted, but not by a spiritual upbringing.

Are you sensual or carnal? More sensual, I believe.
Do you see sex an love as inseparable or two different entities Two different entities, though I do believe that love enhances sex a great deal.
Has the life of a sex worker, stripper, etc ever held any appeal to you I’ve always thought that it would be an easy way to earn a day’s wages. Especially after seeing the movie On The Doll.
Are you good at smooth talking? Not at all! Yikes! Although, I do have a knack for talking my way out of trouble with a few people in my life.
Are you good at hiding your emotions? Ehhh... Sometimes.
Do you read people very well? I think so.
Are you good at getting what you want from people through diplomacy? I can. It depends on my mood and state of mind.

Have you ever been accused of having a split personality? Yes! I do have bipolar disorder, so that might be part of it.
Does Revenge appeal to you? I think about revenge on a few people from time to time. I really wonder if I would ever act on vengeful thoughts, though...
Have you ever pretended, publicly, in a "normal" setting to be someone other than yourself? Nope.
Do you ever "use" people? Eeegads no. I’m not that kind of girl!
Are you materialistic? (Ever lied to make a buck?) Materialistic - maybe. I’ve never lied for money, though.
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Cait: heath ledger russian hatmscaitlinpotter on January 11th, 2009 10:13 pm (UTC)
I see a lot of River in you. Like the speaking your mind regardless of who it affects and instability. You just appear to me as the type who would go up to someone and smack them for no reason (a la River & Jayne).
Divine Sage: bttf darth vaderdivine_sage on January 11th, 2009 11:35 pm (UTC)
I was going to say Kaylee at first (you even look like her!), but as I read on, I noticed a maturity more like Inara, so that's my vote.