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22 July 2008 @ 02:44 pm
Fresh meat!  

Name Kate
Age 24
Location Oklahoma
Gender you would prefer to be stamped as (if any) Can't say as I care

Are you an optimist, pessimist, or realist? I think I'm a realist. Life's a rough thing, but it has its perks: rain, clean sheets, the smell of smoke on a clear evening. I'll push myself and others, but I never ask more than we can manage.
Do you have education in Fine Arts, Music, an Literature? I have a BA in International Studies, which was supposed to get used for political intrigue but has actually just enabled me to appreciate things like renga. I did focus a lot of my work on humanities, though, so I guess you could say I know a little.
How important are things like tact, an good manners to you? Up to a certain point, they matter a great deal; the world falls apart without civility and grace. That being said, though, I do believe there's a time and a place to call it like you see it and stop playing sweet.
Do you consider yourself easy to understand or complex? Both. Most people can get a general idea pretty quickly, and not be too far off, but there's nuances there that aren't always what's expected.
How open about yourself an your past are you? Very open about the things that don't much matter, and very terse about everything else.

Are you good with fixing things mechically (if the toaster breaks, or the car) I have a pretty logical mind, so I can figure a lot of things out, but I wouldn't say I'm mechanically-oriented in general.
Are you good at putting things together, following the instructions? If there's decent instructions, and we're not building, say, chemical compounds, then shouldn't everyone be able to answer 'yes' here?
Are you good at puzzles? Not typically, although I'll try harder if there's something to be gained from them.
Are you good at coming up with alternative solutions an substitutions when the "right" tools aren't present? Ohh, yes. Real life seems to demand improvisation and creativity a lot more regularly than it offers up the "right" tools.... And if you do get those tools, they're not gonna work the way you expect.

Are there aspects of the childish about you? (Playing with toys\Naive to the world?) I am a complete and utter bleeding heart; I can't stand to see things suffer, even though I know sometimes they need to. I also got sick of taking everything so damned seriously a few years back, which is either childish or forward-thinking, your pick.
Do you find yourself attracted to people who are either difficult to get to know or perhaps more powerful than yourself? Who isn't attracted to that? A lot of people are easy to read and pretty powerless when it comes to controlling their lives; it's a treat to meet someone who actually has some secrets and can get things done. The trick, though, is having those traits and not letting them make you a total asshole.
Do you enjoy flight\flying an\or anything that simulates them? I like take-off. That's about it. Most of the time, I'd rather be running on my own power than shut up in a box being driven by someone else.
How would you describe you clothing style (what do you wear day to day)? Simple, practical, and classic, though I do prefer the nicer things. If you notice the clothes before you notice the woman, I tend to figure she's not dressed properly. That being said, when you do notice the clothes, they ought to look nice.
Does how you dress an how you wish you could dress daily match, if NOT what would you rather be wearing? I'd like more nice pieces, as opposed to just getting by with what I can. In my ideal world, I would dress a lot like Nicole Kidman.
Which would you put first: principles, family, loved one, or shipmates\team come first? The people you love most come first, but you also take care of those who are counting on you. Principles matter, but not at the expense of getting your people killed.

Do you\have you ever have emotional break downs in public? No, we save those for home life. ;)
Have you ever been called "crazy" or "unpredictable? 'Unpredictable,' yes. 'Crazy'... well, actually, yes, but not by anyone whose opinion I'm like to value.
Are you prone to mood swings? I'm human, yes.
Have you ever been officially deemed a "Genius" - not in sarcastic terms? Can't say as I've ever been tested! Been told I'm smart quite a bit, but I figure most people have, especially in my generation. We're all told we're gifted so we'll grow up to be amazing, but then we all just seem to lug around a sense of guilt that that never happened.
How would you rate your hand=eye coordination? Passable. Not a gamer, but I get by fine.
Do you have an eidetic memory (see it once an remember it forever)? Nah. Got a few things I remember very clearly that I'd rather not, though.
Are you very perceptive of the people around you an their emotions? I think so, yes.
Are you very EMPATHETIC (you literally feel the emotions of others around you> I am, actually, but to be fair, most people don't try to hide them.
Are you capable of very violent acts for the 'right" cause? I'll fight for what I believe in, yes.

Do you feel that your upbringing left you politically or socially sheltered or biased? It did, but life has pretty well fixed that.
Do you retain your calm in medical emergencies? Absolutely. It's funny, actually: I can't stand blood and guts and whatnot in the movies, but when it's right in front of my face in real life, something just clicks into place and I very quickly, very rationally deal with it.
What about really gory ones? So far, it hasn't seemed to matter. Bodies are bodies; they do what you expect.
Are you a sarcastic person? I can be, but typically only if it's for a joke that won' t hurt anyone. Most of the time, I just keep my mouth shut or say what I really think.
Are you intimidated by "brute strength"? I am, because I'm physically very small. You can have all the schemes in the world, but if you get grabbed by someone twice your size who doesn't think too kindly of you, best of luck to you.
Are you more inclined to use your fists or your wits to get out of a "troublesome" situation? Wits, always. Most people can be reasoned with, and the ones that can't can usually be played.
Are you more likeing to get into a "situation" due to your fists or your wits? Haha, wits again.
Are you "experienced" with the opposite gender? I know my way around.

Do you seek out trouble? I figure I'm just doing what I need to, but I get told a lot that I always choose the hardest path.
Do you often put your foot in your mouth? Occasionally, but usually I think things through enough that I mean what I say.
Do you speak your mind regardless of who it may upset or piss off? Hell, no. Keep your mouth shut if you can't pay the price.
Do you tend to rebel, flip off, or ignore people who tell you what to do? Depends who they are and what they know.
Do you let people know when you care about them or do you hide it? I typically let them know. Too many people get snatched away before they get a chance to know they're loved, and there's too many people I've lost I should have said some things to and didn't. I don't plan to make that mistake again.
Is there a "price" someone could pay for your loyalty? My loyalty can be bought by someone worthy if I've got some left over to give, but I won't give it up at the expense of my loyalty to others.
Does the notion of other people knowing your emotions weird you out? There are some emotions I don't mind being open about (see above), but others need to be kept under wraps. It's always a risk when I give others power over me, and I don't do it lightly.
Do you enjoy threatening other people? Only if I can immediately make good on the threat. Otherwise, I'd just be making enemies, and I figure I have enough of those.
Do guns\weapons hold great appeal to you? They're great equalizers.

Do you have good strategic or tactical mind? In some regards, yes.
Are you a "planner"? Yes, but I've learned to do so with the assumption that things will not go smoothly.
Can you be emotionally or physically intimidated out of being loyal? No, actually. I don't have a whole lot of fear when it comes to myself. I can deal with pain, and I could deal with dying, if it came to that. Better that than letting others suffer when they're trusting me.
Are you a person other people feel they can count on in a bind to do your part an take command if necessary? I certainly hope so.
How is your eye-hand coordination? We covered this one already.

Do you find yourself taking care of other people? if so, are you comfortable doing it or is it uncomfortable? I do, and it doesn't bother me unless the other people become truly parasitic. We all need help occasionally, but it should never be taken for granted.
When you take a stand politically, can you be swayed with ease? Only if someone has information I don't that makes a difference.
Do you fight for what you believe in? Absolutely.
How important is Freedom to you? Very, but I've sold pieces of it before when the price was good enough.
What is one thing you feel VERY strongly about? I can't stand flippant cruelty.
Do you tend to listen to other peoples opinions\advice or ignore them? If it's something new, I'll listen unless they're talking at a bad time. If they're giving me the same speech on something I've heard from a dozen other people, well, not so much.
Do you have a forceful presence or no? I can, but I can also slip back from view a little when need be.

Are you deeply religious (do you go to services often?) Not religious exactly, no, although I do cleave a little to one.
Are you deeply spiritual (take your mythos or creed extremely seriously?) Spirituality is a big deal to me.
Do you avoid breaking the rules\commandments of your faith? If I had a strict faith, I might. As it is, I take them into consideration.
Do you consider "bending" the rules to be "breaking" them? If you've never had to break your rules, you've had a very comfortable life.
Are you a person who's history is largely a mystery to everyone? I don't talk much about it, but then, most people don't.
Are you good at un-armed combat? I'm very, very fast, and I don't pull punches, but, like I said, I'm small.
Do you ever feel that your spiritual upbringing stunted your understanding of greater society? Didn't have much of a spiritual upbringing.

Are you sensual or carnal? Both, at different times.
Do you see sex an love as inseparable or two different entities Ideally, they'd always go together. In practice, that doesn't seem to be the case.
Has the life of a sex worker, stripper, etc ever held any appeal to you I find stripping very interesting. A lot of the clubs aren't really my thing, though, so hard to say.
Are you good at smooth talking? When I truly need to be.
Are you good at hiding your emotions? Some of them, but some are better shared.
Do you read people very well? I think so, yes. Most people don't make it hard.
Are you good at getting what you want from people through diplomacy? Typically, yes. Once again, most people make it very simple.

Have you ever been accused of having a split personality? I think we're all dichotomous to a point.
Does Revenge appeal to you? It's not healthy, but I do like to see some accountability.
Have you ever pretended, publicly, in a "normal" setting to be someone other than yourself? Haha, I get bored.
Do you ever "use" people? I try not to, but I'm sure I have. I try to make sure they get something out of the deal, too. Negotiations work best if both parties think they got a deal, and I figure that carries pretty well into other dealings, too.
Are you materialistic? (Ever lied to make a buck?) I don't think so, really, although I have stayed in situations I didn't care for because it was the materially smarter thing to do.
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