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22 June 2008 @ 12:17 am
Stamp Me?  

Name Artemis
Age 21
Location New Zealand
Gender you would prefer to be stamped as (if any) I don’t mind which.

Are you an optimist, pessimist, or realist? I’m having trouble choosing between pessimist and realist. I don’t necessarily have a negative view of the world, but I am cynical about people in general, as well as very sceptical about certain things if you catch me in that kind of mood.
Are you cultured in arts, music, literature? Yes and no. I’m only 21, so I could use some more culture and life experience. On the other hand, I don’t think I’m an uncultured individual, and I like to think of life as something that you use to always learn more, better yourself, become more cultured, etc.
How important are things like tact, and good manners to you? Quite important. There’s a time and a place for being blunt, but on the whole I disdain rude and in-your-face people (because I dislike aggressiveness).
Are you friendly or difficult to befriend? I’m friendly am easy to talk to, but I’m also hard to get close to because I tend to be non-empathetic.
How open about yourself and your past are you? It depends on who’s asking. I don’t feel I have anything to be ashamed of so far, but I’m not so trusting that I’ll pour out my soul to someone I barely know (and if I dislike/don’t respect someone, I’ll be extremely wary of telling them anything personal).

Are you good with fixing things mechanically (if the toaster breaks, or the car) Unfortunately, very much no.
Are you good at putting things together, following the instructions? If the instructions are clear and simple enough.
Are you good at puzzles? Not really.
Are you good at coming up with alternative solutions and substitutions when the "right" tools aren't present? Nope. I wish I was.

Are there aspects of the childish about you? (Playing with toys much?) I can be childish, but not in the way of toys and such. More like in the way that (if I’m in the right mood), I take pleasure in very simple things.
Do you find yourself attracted to people who are either difficult to get to know or perhaps more powerful than yourself? I can be. But if they’re too difficult to get to know, I’d give up eventually because I don’t like to be needy or clingy, and it would feel like I would be those things if I hung around someone trying to get them to open up.
Do you enjoy flight\flying and\or anything that simulates them? Not especially. Although I don’t have a phobia either; it just doesn’t do anything for me.
How would you describe you clothing style (what do you wear day to day)? Simple, clean, comfy but not overly scruffy. A friend once described my clothing style as “understated elegance.”
How do you wish you could dress every day? If it was seen as not so weird, I’d love to wear the sort of stuff that Inara does. Long, flowy, elegant (but somehow not ostentatious). Although I’d wear darker things too – darker colours, cloaks – things that are a little out of the ordinary but not necessarily ridiculous or “look at me, look at me.”
Does your loyalty to your principles, family, loved one, or shipmates come first? It’s a tie between loved one and principles. I’m leaning towards principles, because at the end of the day if something feels ‘wrong’ to me, I won’t be able to shake it from my mind.

Do you\have you ever have emotional break downs in public? Not really. I dislike overly-emotional people, and while I don’t think it’s wrong to cry or anything like that, I believe it’s more of a private matter.
Have you ever been called "crazy" or "unpredictable? No. I’ve been called ‘strange’ or ‘weird’, but I’m not someone who usually does crazy things per se.
Are you prone to mood swings? Yes, absolutely. I’m not depressed all the time or anything, but I can go from happy to sad or from sad to happy or from happy to angry, etc., for what seems like no reason at all very quickly (although I’m never really loud and demanding about it).
Have you ever been called a Genius? No. I do have the things I’m really good at, but I’m not crazy-intelligent.
Do you have exceptional eye-hand coordination? No.
Are you very perceptive of the people around you and their emotions? I can be very observant. I can also be totally oblivious because I lack empathy (which I don’t necessarily view as a bad thing). If I know someone well, I can usually tell how they’re feeling – but that’s probably the way it is with a lot of people.
Are you capable of very violent acts for the 'right" cause? No. I’m far too passive a person to be violent.

Do you feel that your upbringing left you politically or socially sheltered or biased? I guess I’m sheltered because I had a peaceful home life, loving parents, etc., but I’m not a spoiled rich kid or anything like that either. I suppose I’m somewhere in between and fairly average in terms of upbringing.
Do you retain your calm in medical emergencies? I’ve never had/been witness to a medical emergency, so I couldn’t say. But I’d hazard a guess that’s I’d be at a loss about what to do unless there was someone in charge who knew what they were doing.
What about really gory ones? No idea. People act unpredictably in that sort of situation, so I guess I could swing either way. Either I’d totally freak out or I’d be eerily calm.
Are you loyal more to your family or your friends? Friends (but any really good friend is someone I view as family anyway).
Are you intimidated by "brute strength"? Only if it looks like I might be on the receiving end.
Are you more inclined to use your fists or your wits to get out of a "troublesome" situation? Wits. I’m fairly strong for a girl, but at the end of the day I’m a skinny white chick who wouldn’t stand a chance in a fist fight.
Are you more likely to get into a "situation" due to your fists or your wits? Wits. I think that certain types of people can be intimidated easily by what they deem ‘fancy’ words, and that type of person will fight because they feel intimidated (and therefore threatened).
Are you "experienced" with the opposite gender? No. But I get along fine with any gender if I like their personality. The fact that they may be of the opposite gender doesn’t really mean anything to me.

Do you seek out trouble? Not at all.
Do you often put your foot in your mouth? On occasion, but I tend to watch what I say.
Do you speak your mind regardless of who it may upset or piss off? Nope. I don’t like to antagonise people – I’m not necessarily scared of what they might think/do if I do end up antagonizing them, but I don’t see the point in intentionally doing so.
Do you tend to rebel, flip off, or ignore people who tell you what to do? Not really. If someone tells me to do something and there’s no real reason why I should, I just won’t do it but also won’t say anything about it or backchat. But I’ll do something someone tells me to do if it’s to do with work or some such, even if I don’t like them. I don’t have a problem doing things that need to be done.
Do you let people know when you care about them or do you hide it? I let them know, but in subtle ways.
Is there a "price" someone could pay for your loyalty? No. If I’m loyal to someone, it means there doesn’t have to be a price because I respect them enough that there’s no need for one. And if I don’t respect someone, I won’t promise to be loyal. And it is possible for me to respect someone without actually being best buddies.
Does the notion of other people knowing your emotions weird you out? No. In fact, being understood is something I enjoy.
Do you enjoy threatening other people? No. I don’t think I’ve ever threatened someone before.
Do guns\weapons hold great appeal to you? No.

Do you have good strategic or tactical mind? Not especially.
Are you a "planner"? To some extent, yes. I don’t plan everything out, but neither do I leave everything to the moment.
Can you be emotionally or physically intimidated out of being loyal? I don’t think so.
Are you a person other people feel they can count on in a bind to do your part and take command if necessary? I don’t know; I’m reliable, but I don’t enjoy being put on the spot and I’m sure people know it.
How is your eye-hand coordination? It’s okay, but certainly not great.

Do you find yourself taking care of other people? If so, are you comfortable doing it or is it uncomfortable? It depends on who it is. On the whole I don’t mind it and may even enjoy it if it’s for a good friend, but I need my alone time and I don’t like clinginess, so taking care of someone daily isn’t my cup of tea.
When you take a stand politically, can you be swayed with ease? Not really.
Do you fight for what you believe in? In my own small way. I don’t go in for political rallies, violence and the like, though.
How important is Freedom to you? Very important. Freedom to be is what people need to be an individual.
What is one thing you feel VERY strongly about? Animal cruelty. Also infibulation – that’s just wrong, and while I’m all for preserving cultural traditions, some things simply shouldn’t be happening.
Do you tend to listen to other people’s opinions\advice or ignore them? Again, it depends who gives the advice. I’m far more likely to listen to someone I trust and respect, but on the whole I don’t believe I have a problem taking advice.
Do you have a forceful presence or no? Some people might say I have a strong presence, but I don’t think anyone would say it’s a forceful one.

Are you deeply religious (do you go to services often?) I have my own definite beliefs, but I’m not sure I’d define myself as ‘deeply religious’. I just do my own thing, and let people do theirs.
Are you deeply spiritual (take your mythos or creed extremely seriously?) See above.
Do you avoid breaking the rules\commandments of your faith? My ‘faith’ is more like my principles, really (and no, I don’t like to break my principles).
Do you consider "bending" the rules to be "breaking" them? In many cases, no. But that’s a fine line, and I think you have to be careful when treading it.
Are you a person who's history is largely a mystery to everyone? Not really.
Are you good at un-armed combat? No, but I really wish I was.
Do you ever feel that your spiritual upbringing stunted your understanding of greater society? In some cases. My Dad’s an Anglican Priest, and although I never had things rammed down my throat as such, you can’t help but be affected by your upbringing. There are some things I regret.

Are you sensual or carnal? No, neither.
Do you see sex and love as inseparable or two different entities? Two extremely different entities, although that doesn’t mean the two are mutually exclusive.
Has the life of a sex worker, stripper, etc. ever held any appeal to you Yes. I waitressed in a strip club for 3 years and so I’ve had a lot of time to think about that sort of thing.
Are you good at smooth talking? If the need arises.
Are you good at hiding your emotions? I can be.
Do you read people very well? If I pay close enough attention, yes.
Are you good at getting what you want from people through diplomacy? I suppose so.

Have you ever been accused of having a split personality? No, but I would consider myself contradictive at times.
Does Revenge appeal to you? In a way… but not really. There’s nothing wrong with justice, but people often confuse it for petty feuding.
Have you ever pretended, publically, in a "normal" setting to be someone other than yourself? Not that I recall.
Do you ever "use" people? No, but I can be manipulative (but I’m never malicious with it).
Are you materialistic? (Ever lied to make a buck?) A little.
A picture if you'd like: (no more than 3 please) I’ll describe myself, if that’s alright. I have dark brown hair (admittedly dyed from the original ash-blonde) which I’m growing long, and blue-green eyes. I’m tallish (5’10”/177cm), and slim and tan from all the outdoor swimming and other exercise that I do.
Z {Chapter Thirty-Three: The Prince's Tale}: CONFUSION0_0dbo_o on June 21st, 2008 09:33 pm (UTC)
You're SO TOUGH to stamp.
I'd say you're something inbetween Zoe and Inara, but I'm not really sure...
Maybe Inara... I think you're a bit too calm/neutral for her, but I think it's still who you're closest to, based more on your principles than the demeanor you give off.
SK // Rekka // Hermes // Mercury: House Too Cool by lidisk_chan on June 24th, 2008 06:03 am (UTC)
I get the feeling of Inara through your wording, especially. I also view her as being a realist and passive rather than violent. She also has a keen sense of watching for what she says and dislikes rudeness.
sweetness_fairy on July 12th, 2008 10:32 pm (UTC)
Green_Wing: kitten - evil laughgreen_wing on July 17th, 2008 04:08 pm (UTC)
I'm having a really hard time deciding between Simon and Inara, but I think you are just slightly more Simon :O